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Madame is probably accustomed to use a carriage."

are swept westward as the trade windsare. In this way he

"That would suit you better than me, my dear, and would save your having to buy shoes to keep your feet off the ground!"

are swept westward as the trade windsare. In this way he

The crowd seemed inclined to hustle the speaker,--

are swept westward as the trade windsare. In this way he

"Wait a moment!" she continued, "I didn't mean to offend anyone. I am a poor woman, but there's no disgrace in that, and I can afford a glass of liqueur. Eh, good gossip, you understand, don't you? A drop of the best for Mother Maniffret, and if my fine friend there will drink with me to settle our difference, I will stand her a glass."

The example set by the old hawker was contagious, and instead of filling two little glasses only, widow Masson dispensed a bottleful.

"Come, you have done well," cried Mother Maniffret; "my idea has brought you luck."

"Faith! not before it was wanted, either!"

"What! are you complaining of trade too?"



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