discoverer. Discovery wasindeed the business which he understood,

From close around the corner pealed out that sweet voice. "Dad, you'll have your wish, and mama will be wild!"

discoverer. Discovery wasindeed the business which he understood,

Dick was a little foot sweep into view, a white dress, then the swiftly moving form of a girl. She was looking backward.

discoverer. Discovery wasindeed the business which he understood,

"Dad, I shall fall in love with your new ranger. I will--I have--"

discoverer. Discovery wasindeed the business which he understood,

Then she plumped squarely into Dick's arms.

Dick saw a fair face and dark-blue, audaciously flashing eyes. Swift as lightning their expression changed to surprise, fear, wonder. for an instant they were level with Dick's grave questioning. Suddenly, sweetly, she blushed.

Then the blush turned to a scarlet fire. She whirled past him, and like a white gleam was gone.

Dick became conscious of the quickened beating of his heart. He experienced a singular exhilaration. That moment had been the one for which he had been ripe, the event upon which strange circumstances had been rushing him.

With a couple of strides he turned the corner. Laddy and Lash were there talking to a man of burly form. Seen by day, both cowboys were gray-haired, red-skinned, and weather-beaten, with lean, sharp features, and gray eyes so much alike that they might have been brothers.



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