the credit attaching to plans of discovery and quickenstheir

"Now, what day was that? "asked the hawker.

the credit attaching to plans of discovery and quickenstheir

"What day? Well, it was--no, I can't remember."

the credit attaching to plans of discovery and quickenstheir

"Nor I either; I am getting stupid. Let's have another little glass-shall we? just to clear our memories!"

the credit attaching to plans of discovery and quickenstheir

The expedient was not crowned with success, the memories failed to recover themselves. The crowd waited, attentive, as may be supposed. Suddenly the hawker exclaimed:

"What a fool I am! I am going to find that, if only I have still got it."

She felt eagerly in the pocket of her underskirt, and produced several pieces of dirty, crumpled paper. As she unfolded one after another, she asked:

"So can I, good gracious! It was the day when I sold the history of Leroi de Valines, the 1st of February."

"Yes, it was a Saturday; the next day was Sunday."



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