of men, whiter than any others whom he hasseen in the Indies.

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"I have been engaged in business for several years, and have acquired some fortune."

of men, whiter than any others whom he hasseen in the Indies.

"Nevertheless, you have postponed the obligation of making this payment several times, so that Monsieur de Lamotte had begun to feel uneasiness on the subject. This was the chief reason of his wife's coming to Paris."

of men, whiter than any others whom he hasseen in the Indies.

"One sometimes experiences momentary difficulties, which presently disappear."

of men, whiter than any others whom he hasseen in the Indies.

"You say you have a deed given you at Lyons by Madame de Lamotte, which you were to give to her husband?"

The magistrate examined the deed carefully, and noted the name of the lawyer in whose office it had been drawn up.

"What!" exclaimed Monsieur de Lamotte.

Derues stopped, but the magistrate signed to him to go, intimating, however, that he was on no account to leave Paris.

"But," said Monsieur de Lamotte, when they were alone, "this man is indeed guilty. My wife has not betrayed me! She!--forget her duties as a wife! she was virtue incarnate! Ah! I assure you these terrible calumnies are invented to conceal double crime! I throw myself at your feet,--I implore your justice!"



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