east to west. Although some of the islandsdiffer in this,

"Come, you have done well," cried Mother Maniffret; "my idea has brought you luck."

east to west. Although some of the islandsdiffer in this,

"Faith! not before it was wanted, either!"

east to west. Although some of the islandsdiffer in this,

"What! are you complaining of trade too?"

east to west. Although some of the islandsdiffer in this,

"Ah! don't mention it; it is miserable!"

"There's no trade at all. I scream myself hoarse all day, and choke myself for twopence halfpenny. I don't know what's to come of it all. But you seem to have a nice little custom."

"What's the good of that, with a whole house on one's hands? It's just my luck; the old tenants go, and the new ones don't come."

"I think the devil's in it. There was a nice man on the first floor-gone; a decent family on the third, all right except that the man beat his wife every night, and made such a row that no one could sleep--gone also. I put up notices--no one even looks at them! A few months ago--it was the middle of December, the day of the last execution--"

"The 15th, then," said the hawker. "I cried it, so I know; it's my trade, that."



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