The little squadron sailed from the bay of Cadiz

Ladd and Jim came peeping in at the door.

  The little squadron sailed from the bay of Cadiz

"Come in, boys. He can have company--the more the better--if it'll keep him content. He mustn't move, that's all."

  The little squadron sailed from the bay of Cadiz

The cowboys entered, slow, easy, cool, kind-voiced.

  The little squadron sailed from the bay of Cadiz

"Shore it's tough," said Ladd, after he had greeted Dick. "You look used up."

Jim Lash wagged his half-bald, sunburned head, "Musta been more'n tough for Rojas."

"Gale, Laddy tells me one of our neighbors, fellow named Carter, is going to Casita," put in Belding. "Here's a chance to get word to your friend the soldier."

"Oh, that will be fine!" exclaimed Dick. "I declare I'd forgotten Thorne....How is Miss Castaneda? I hope--"

"She's all right, Gale. Been up and around the patio for two days. Like all the Spanish--the real thing--she's made of Damascus steel. We've been getting acquainted. She and Nell made friends at once. I'll call them in."



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